Don’t Fall for Holiday Lights

Don’t Fall for Holiday Lights

Tis the season to be festive, family dinners, stringing lights on the house, tree decorating, and the dreaded holiday injuries. With the season so packed with many joyous events and family activities, the last thing anyone wants to think about is suffering a holiday injury.

Decorating is one of the best ways to get the family in a holiday mood, but a trip to the emergency room is not so joyous.  According to the CDC roughly 5,800 people per year are treated in hospital emergency rooms for falls associated with holiday decorating. They go on to say more than half of these injuries were caused by falls from ladders or roofs while decorating outdoors.

Avoid ladder falls this holiday season with a few pointers:

1.  It is important to check your equipment. Look for the ladder’s recommended usage and instruction labels for weight and height restrictions.

2. Take notice of surroundings. Keep the ladder area clear of clutter and debris, including decorations or other materials.

3. Trust in teamwork. Use a spotter to hold or assist with handing up necessary equipment. Spotters can help steady the ladder and keep a watchful eye on things from a perspective.

4. Keep calm. Be aware of your movements and body position at all times. Face the ladder to climb down and always reposition from the ground rather than while on the ladder.

5. Enjoy your work! Once the job is complete, put away the ladder first, before any other tools. The sit back and enjoy your festive scene with a mug of eggnog.

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