Only Takes One Visit

One visit physical therapy. PT specialists helping a lady with her shoulder.

Want to Know if Physical Therapy Can Help You Feel or Perform Better? It Only Takes One Visit to Find Out.

An interesting study verified something that the healthcare profession has long taken for granted. An experienced physical therapist can indeed tell from assessment if someone is likely to improve ability through therapy treatment – and the therapist can estimate how fast.

The study followed 112 physical therapy patients who were being treated for low back pain or neck pain. Patients had experienced symptoms for an average of nearly 12 weeks and approximately half had a history of the same condition. The participants received 10 visits on average and were discharged from the therapy program based on reaching maximum potential of supervised exercise with the likelihood of progressing further on their own.

Upon discharge, all participants improved an average of 71% on a numeric pain rating scale. Low back pain patients achieved a 64.6% improvement on the Oswestry Disability Index used to measure disability for those with back pain. Likewise, their neck pain counterparts saw a 64.1% advancement on the Neck Disability Index.

The assessment by the physical therapist proved to be a strong predictor of improvement in disability and rate of improvement. For these two measurements, the physical therapist evaluation proved to be a better predictor of outcome than duration and severity of symptoms, age, and psychological assessment. This study adds to the body of evidence that a physical therapist can predict therapy potential and outcomes after an initial evaluation.

So, would you like to know if physical therapy can help you? Give us a call to set up an assessment with one of our talented and experienced physical therapists today!

Cook C, Moore T, Learman K, et al. Can experienced physiotherapists identify which patients are likely to succeed with physical therapy treatment? Archives of Physiotherapy, 2015; 5(1): 1-9.

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