Exercising for Sedentary Lifestyles

The American Heart Association states that sitting around too much increases the risks of heart health issues or strokes. But when someone has a desk job, how is it possible to get the work done and move more at the same time?

There are many exercises that can be performed while sitting at the desk or taking mini breaks to move more often. The key idea is to sit less and move more. It is best to try to move around for five minutes every hour or at least 10 minutes every two hours. Even simple ankle or arm flexes or stopping to stretch occasionally to keep the muscles active is beneficial.

There are other ways to get moving more:

  • Take a walk during breaks.
  • Stand during meetings.
  • Walk to talk with a co-worker rather than using the phone or email.
  • Use standing or adjustable height desks.
  • Exercise at the desk such as doing squats, stretches, or jumping jacks.

Learn more:

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