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Quadricep Weakness and Knee Pain. Picture of a caucasian female rubbing her knee as if in pain.

Quadricep Weakness and Knee Pain

Out of all types of pain, knee pain may be the most prevalent among older adults. Knee pain is a hallmark of knee osteoarthritis. Over 27 million people have osteoarthritis with the knees being the most commonly affected area. The number of people dealing with knee pain is steadily rising. Despite the number of people […]

Benefits of Physical Therapy. Picture of a young caucasian female physical therapist assisting a group of 2 caucasian females and 2 caucasian males working out with stretch bands.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

When most people think of physical therapy, they either imagine it being for athletes or retirees. The truth is anyone can benefit from physical therapy. It’s prescribed for people of all ages. This is because the benefits from it are wide ranging. Some of these benefits include: Improving mobility Reducing or eliminating pain Avoiding surgery […]

Physical Therapy in Pain Management. Picture of a young caucasian female physical therapist working with a young black male to guide his exercise treatment.

Physical Therapy in Pain Management

With the country fighting an ever-growing battle against the opioid epidemic, safer options are getting the attention they have long deserved. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is becoming more adamant about avoiding opioid use for most pain treatment. Physical Therapy is one of their recommended alternatives. It’s considered safe and treats the pain […]

Fall Yard Work Tips. Picture of different color leaves falling from trees.

Fall Yard Work Tips

Pumpkin patch, apple cider, sweaters/hoodies, and those beautiful piles of leaves all over the lawn. Fall of the year is upon us once again.  Raking leaves is the perfect opportunity to soak up some fresh air while getting in a workout at the same time, and the lawn will look great.  Raking leaves is considered […]

Are Your Headaches Cervicogenic? Picture of a caucasian female rubbing both sides of her head as if in pain from a headache.

Are Your Headaches Cervicogenic?

By definition, a cervicogenic headache is one which is caused by a disorder within the cervical spine or soft tissue of the neck. [1] It is a secondary headache caused by another illness or physical issue, including poor posture, stress on the muscles, current or prior injuries, disc problems, problems sleeping, and fatigue. The pain […]

Is There a Link Between Blood Sugar and Dementia? Picture of a black female showing concern for a black male.

Is There a Link Between Blood Sugar and Dementia?

A study published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that higher blood glucose levels may increase the likelihood of dementia. [1] This statement holds true even for those who do not have diabetes but consistently exhibit higher than average blood sugar tests.  The ability to stay physically active is an important component […]

Does Running Cause Arthritis? Picture of a group of 6 caucasian males and females jogging.

Does Running Cause Arthritis?

It is a popular belief that the wear and tear of running causes osteoarthritis of the knees and other joints. Doctors now know this is not true. According to exercise scientist Paul Williams, studies show quite the opposite. [1] Williams heads up the National Runner’s Health Study as well as the National Walkers’ Health Study. […]

Snoring? Trouble Sleeping? Try Exercise. Picture of a caucasian male sleeping in bed and a caucasian female holding her pillow around her ears.

Snoring? Trouble Sleeping? Try Exercise.

Insufficient or low-quality sleep may be more than an annoyance. It can be a major health concern meriting a visit to your general practitioner or a sleep specialist. Difficulty sleeping that impairs activities of daily living and lasts greater than three months meets the clinical definition of insomnia. Insomnia can be a disorder or a […]

Tennis Elbow Pain. Picture of a caucasian male getting his elbow checked by a black female physical therapist.

Tennis Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow refers to a repetitive use disorder causing recurring pain on the outside of the elbow. While this condition is all too familiar to experienced tennis players, the majority of cases actually seem to be related to work or recreational activities that involve repetitive use of the forearm muscle, or wrist & hand. (1)(2) […]

Low Back Pain vs. Self Care. Picture of a young caucasian female getting her back worked on by a young caucasian female.

Low Back Pain vs. Self Care

Nonspecific low back pain (LBP) ranks as one of the most common and costly musculoskeletal disorders. The majority of costs related to low back pain are not from the initial complaint. The majority of costs stem from recurrence. (1-2) When low back pain recurs, patients return for further passive treatments initiating what some have qualified […]